E-Corp [Sample Micro-Portfolio]

Hello, my name is

Mike McLeod

This is a micro-portfolio I've prepared special for my application to work for E-Corp, including custom headlines and selected work samples

Why I'll be a great addition to the E-Corp team

The trajectory of my career has been pointing me toward a position at E-Corp. My values and practices align perfectly with the company ethos of “do as little evil as possible”. I believe that my background as a product designer and as a teacher prepare me very well for the new fields E-Corp is pioneering with their instructional robots: humans have to calibrate the machines to read human minds and correct where they are wrong, and the company is going to need a lot of folks skilled in both the humanities and technology to make that work well. As the rest of this portfolio will demonstrate, I’m exactly the human to train those robots to be moderately less evil.

Selected Work Samples

These are case studies from my comprehensive portfolio that best demonstrate my background and experience relevant to this position. I'm eager to talk about them and how they demonstrate what I can contribute.

Sample Teaching Materials

These are materials I created for a class I taught at Michigan State University. They show how I treat all writing, even writing for the classroom, as a technical exercise with users who have goals. Read More

Project Requirements

I prepared these requirements for a number of development efforts for Eli Review. They demonstrate how I document user stories, functionality, database structures, and UI details in fine detail to provide as much clarity as possible to all stakeholders. Read More

Integration with a Learning Management System

This case study demonstrates how I was able to integrate Eli Review with another system in a way that was the least disruptive to the user experience as possible. Read More

The UX of Time in Eli Review

This case study looks at how the original versions of Eli Review failed to anticipate how users would experience time across the globe and what impact that had on the overall user experience, as well as our solutions to those problems. Read More

Career Highlights

Drawbridge, Inc

Co-founder, VP Design & Development

2011 - present

Eli Review

Co-inventor, Head of Product

2014 - present

Michigan State University

Adjunct Professor

2007 - 2018

Red Cedar Solutions Group

Lead UX Designer

2011 - 2013

Publications and Talks

  • Time Change: How the UX of Time Begins Below the UI
    (Forthcoming Publication – User Experience Magazine, March 2019)
  • How Time and Timezone Bias Can Impact UX
    (Forthcoming Talk – Ignite UX Michigan, March 2019)
  • Temporal Anomalies: Five Years of IA and UX Case Studies about Time
    (Forthcoming Talk – World IA Day Indianapolis, February 2019)
  • Santa’s Dashboard Clock: A Case Study
    UXMas Advent Calendar, December 2018

About Me

When Iā€™m not pushing pixels, you can find me at the movies, running, baking, or planning my next trip. I want to see as much of this world as I can with the time I have on it, but I have a particular fondness for islands, mountains, landmarks and national parks. On my bucket list: seeing every US National Park and stepping foot on every continent.

New York pizza > Chicago pizza, Pepsi > Coke, and Better Call Saul > Breaking Bad (let's fight).

This portfolio is a selection of materials tailored to this application; for more, including my complete work history, case studies, publications, and presentations, see my comprehensive portfolio.